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TG - Virtual Reality
     “No,” Paul exclaimed in exasperation towards his girlfriend.
     “Come on,” Heather said as she pouted slightly, “It’ll be fun, I know you’ll enjoy it.” She was holding the headset parts to a new virtual reality simulator system which she had recently bought. It was said that it was the most advanced system yet and created a truly immersive feel. The rest of the technology for it was sitting by their bed.
    Paul shook his head, “I don’t want to use that stuff Heather; the idea of going throwing my head into a computer gives me the creeps.”
    Heather took a few steps towards him and took his hand, “You’ve never tried it before, you shouldn’t just at face value say no to it forever. I’ve bought you an account so you don’t even have the ‘I don’t want to pay for the thing’ excuse. Just try it this once, if you don
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 80 4
Mirrors - Part 1
    Michael and Cain walked through the carnival, the two had always loved going when they were younger, though this year they’d both found it a lot duller than before. They had gone through most of the rides and attractions had had gotten to a point where they were starting to openly make fun of things as they went along. They were enjoying doing that so they seemed to find it worth being there still somehow.
    The two passed the house of mirrors situated near the edge of the carnival. Normally both of them would just ignore it and look for something different to go to, but something caught Michael’s attention. “What is it?” Cain asked as Michael looked at a pigeon who was staring at his own reflection. For some reason he found it odd and started walking towards it to get a closer look.
    “It’s just…look,” Michael stopped and pointed at the bird, on this side of the mirror it was just a feral pigeon, but
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 11 12
Hobbit - Lakeside Meeting by Wri-artist Hobbit - Lakeside Meeting :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 7 0 TG - An Unexpected Change by Wri-artist TG - An Unexpected Change :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 24 6
Mature content
TG - Feiya :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 17 4
RQ - Haruyuki to Kurasaki by Wri-artist RQ - Haruyuki to Kurasaki :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 43 4
Advert - Last Second
This is part of a choose your own adventure, to get the full experience start here.
At the last second you press the button, hoping that it will fix everything. The pop up disappears and the screen turns white. Within moments the light from the monitor gained a greater intensity and seemed to engulf everything. You close his eyes so as not to get blinded by it.
Once the light seems to dim you open your eyes once more and are shocked to find you are no longer in your room. This bedroom looks a swanky modern designer made rooms, with a large bed in the centre, a number of inbuilt wardrobes and one of the walls is just a window, showing a beautiful ocean view. You are still sitting but rather than having a computer on the table in front of you there are a number of mirrors shut boxes and draws.
Still confused about what just happened to you, you kind of want to explore. Do you want to have a closer look at this
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 0 3
Advert - Curiosity
This is part of a choose your own adventure, to get the full experience start here.
Curious, you decide to click the link, at which point the pop up disappears and opens a new web page, which starts to load. You wonder what the link does, hoping that you’re not going to get a virus out of doing this admittedly stupid act.
As you wait for it to come up, you hear the doorbell of your house sound. You are about to get up to go see who it is when the page finishes loading. Do you look at the page first, or go see who’s at the door?
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 2 3
Advert - Premature Clicking
This is part of a choose your own adventure, to get the full experience start here.
Without really thinking about it, you click the pop up. It disappears and opens a new web page which starts to load. You start to wonder why you’d clicked it as there was no way it would actually have been what it said it was and probably either a scam or had some virus connected to it.
As you wait for it to come up, you hear the doorbell of your house sound. Realising the page might take a while to become ready; you get up to go answer the door. As you do you have a minor dizzy spell as you stand. Once your bearings return, you notice everything seems to be bigger than it was before, or at least taller. It’s as if you’ve lost some inches.
The doorbell rings again, causing you to shake that thought away. “I should answer that.” You walk downstairs to the entry hall and open the front door. Standing there is
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 0 2
Ash into Frenzy - Bonus 2 by Wri-artist Ash into Frenzy - Bonus 2 :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 19 4 Ash into Frenzy - Bonus 1 by Wri-artist Ash into Frenzy - Bonus 1 :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 20 6
Advert - Choices
[This is an incomplete Choose your own adventure story. I am writing more for this and posting new stuff as it is completed, but it might be a bit of time before it's done. If you wish to be notified when it is done you will have to watch me (this feels massively manipulative attention seekingness, but the only way I can make it known this has been added to is via notifying watchers, as I can't repost this to groups that they are in or anything like that.)]
You are sitting in front of your computer, browsing the internet for something to do. The sites you normally go to have been more inactive than usual and you are feeling bored. Suddenly a pop up appeared in the centre of his screen.
Click now to receive three million dollars!
You can’t help but laugh; “Is anyone stupid enough to click one of these things?” you mutter as you move the mouse down to the taskbar so as to close it there rather than touching the
:iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 21 9
PKMN - Now in Colour by Wri-artist PKMN - Now in Colour :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 166 14 Ash into Frenzy - Part 4 by Wri-artist Ash into Frenzy - Part 4 :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 44 8 Ash into Frenzy - Part 3 by Wri-artist Ash into Frenzy - Part 3 :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 50 2 Phantom - Super Mums by Wri-artist Phantom - Super Mums :iconwri-artist:Wri-artist 11 15

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Commission - Boa Hancock by turtlechan
Mature content
Commission - Boa Hancock :iconturtlechan:turtlechan 1,346 34
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:iconbandofthehawks: :icongenderbenderygos: :iconthetgartistgroup: :icontf-tg-hero:
Yeah, I'm going inactive on dA for a bit. It's been getting progressively harder to get the mental space required to write/draw for here (the fact I've been only doing writing the past few weeks shows that I've been trying to autopilot things here for a while). I will start posting here again at some point, but I don't see myself getting back into any form of actual scheduled posting until May after I've finished my exams for University. (Four months of wasted membership...really not liking that idea...)

For the people who have requested/commissioned me to do stuff, I am not going to forget, there's no way I could ever let myself not do them without some form of awkward note to you first...I'll work on them intermitantly while I'm taking this break and I aim to post all of them when I come back. 

Never being below 60 views per day was nice while it lasted, hopefully I'll be able to get back to it relatively quickly when I start posting again xD. Sorry for being like this, hope you all understand :)



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greenflame456 Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Woah, I thought you were dead!
Wri-artist Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Lol, no. I've just not had the drive/muse to post for the past two years. I did start work on something last month to commemorate passing 100k views but I ended up getting swamped IRL so I may try to finish it sometime in June/July. 
greenflame456 Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Well I'm glad you're back. BTW, can I ask you something?
Wri-artist Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
I mean, I never technically left. I've been on dA for all the time I've not been posting just keeping up with all of the artists I like and such. I've just not been posting. 

And sure, ask away :)
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EstroGenesis Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favs! :D
wishingwithwhitney Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for faving! =D
Jamie260397 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
If you are taking requests, would you mind doing Chiyo-Chan (Azumanga Daioh) into Laharl (Disgaea)?
dylan613 Featured By Owner May 15, 2015
Hi there, my name is dylan, do you do requests?
Wri-artist Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Not right now cause I'm currently having a hiatus from working on this account, but my uni work (the reason I took it) will be over in a couple of days so I'm intending to start up again soon, at which point yes I will be taking requests though I still have some from before the hiatus I still need to make good on. 
YurixTheWanderer Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artist

Good day. I wish to extend this invitation to all those who watched me through all these years. As a thanks for all your DevWatches, views, commissions, trades and requests, I wish to invite you my newly-made group site, based on the ongoing universe that I created through pictures and stories. This invite is to join, participate in, or simply view my group site dedicated to my ongoing fantasy novels, ‘Upon a Star’. If you are interested, check it out here at

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