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Michelle yawned and leaned back in into the comfy chair in front of the window. She took a look around the common room. It was filled with other students, some working, some chatting and a few sleeping on more than one of the chairs at once.

Nine out of ten people in here were guys, but that went without saying, this was a boys' school after all. Her school, which was just up the hill, was an all girls' school, but when you got to sixth form, the three schools that were in her area came into a consortium. It made timetabling easier, especially since it was only a ten minute walk between these two schools.

Michelle had just gotten from her school to get to her psychology lesson. She had five minutes, which is why she felt it was worth sitting down. She regretted that choice quickly.

"Hey Mikki," she silently groaned, why'd he have to see me. She looked over to see Edwin sit down next in the chair adjacent to hers. He had short ginger hair with matching freckles, he had a lanky build, and he was far too energetic. The suit he was wearing (all sixth formers have to dress up smart. All boys must wear suits, girls they are more liberal around, but the principle's the same) was black with matching trouser. A cyan shirt and slightly darker tie of the same colour was just underneath it. "I'm glad I caught you Mikki."

Caught me? We're in the same room for the next hour and you think that you just caught me? "What do you want Edwin?" Michelle sighed.

"Nothing really," Lies!!! She thought as he said it, she knew exactly why he's asked, "just wondering if you got anything this morning in form."

"Of course I did, Edwin," she always did. She got three this year. She put her hand into her breast pocket and pulled out a rolo. Every school has its quirks. One of our schools' was 'the last rolo'. Every year on Valentine's Day, the boys and girls from the two schools would send people (anonymously of course) a rolo, to go with the whole 'do you love someone enough to give them your last rolo?'

God damn Nestle, she thought, if I ever find out who in their PR department had the idea...well I think you know where that one is going.

"And you know what Edwin?" she said in a slightly alluring manner while holding the rolo between her middle finger and thumb. He was half way going what when she placed her index finger on the back of the rolo and flicked it. It went straight into his open mouth, causing him to choke slightly as he swallowed, "You can have it back."

Right on cue, they heard the faint sound of the bell going off in the main part of the school. Michelle got up, "time for class, you coming."

He got up to, and despite the fact that I'd nearly killed him, he was smiling. Obviously not able to take the hint.

We moved to the class room and we sat in our places (him being on the other side of the room thankfully).

Clara noticed her exasperation when she sat down next to me, "You really don't like today, do you?"

"What, a day where every arse with a crush comes knocking? No thanks."

"How many this year?" she asked warily.


"And they would be?"

Michelle seemed to brighten up. Clara had been her best work as of yet. She'd been completely inverted from her old, male self into this caring, outgoing character, while keeping the intelligent parts of Clement that had made her interested in him in the first place. It was this part that knew that Michelle was someone that found out things.

"Edwin, a guy that I need to find out about, and Pat," Clara was very surprised by that. Right on cue of course, Pat walked into the class to take her seat. She was about half way between the two of them and Edwin. She was wearing a white blouse with a navy cardigan over it and had a black skirt. Her dark brown hair was tied in a bun and she was wearing glasses in front of her hazel eyes.

"She really...?" Clara started to ask, but before she could continue, our teacher stormed in.

"Alright class settle down!" she scanned the room to see if anyone was still talking. No one was. "Now, today we will be looking at Carl Jung and analytical psychology. To be precise, we will be looking at the five main archetypes. The self, the regulating center of the psyche and facilitator of individuation - the representative of that wholeness which the introspective philosophy of all times and climes has characterized with an inexhaustible variety of symbols, names and concepts"

She paused to see that people were writing down her every word before continuing, "The Shadow, the opposite of the ego image, often containing qualities that the ego does not identify with but possesses nonetheless. The Persona is the way we present to the world the mask which protects the self from negative images.

"And finally, the anima and animus, these are the exact same thing for opposites. The Anima is the feminine image in a man's psyche and the Animus is the masculine image in a woman's psyche," well, I'd know all about that. Michelle thought to herself, and smiled slightly. He kept one eye on Edwin, waiting. The thing was, she still had the rolo Edwin had given her in her pocket. What she'd shoved down his throat was something completely different.

Michelle watched as the changes started. They started subtly; slight lengthening of the hair, slight shrinking in height and stature. Nothing obvious, not that anyone would notice anyway.

Then it started to be more potent. The facial shape started to morph, becoming less angular, more petite. His arms also lost their form, as did his torso until he seemed to be extremely frail. By this point his hair had reached his shoulder, and still no one noticed. Having said that, Michelle noticed that his breathing patterns had changed, become more laborious. Some assets must have been gained, although the his clothes were now slightly baggy on him now so Michelle couldn't only just notice slight amounts of pressure on the shirt.

As if to accommodate, the clothes started to change at this point too. The shirt shrunk in and started to shift in colour. As it tightened up, the new breasts became more prominent. Michelle noticed the amount of detail in the changes that happened as they did, the buttons changed shape, even swapped sides as the blouse finally stopped shifting and was now a pink blouse. His suit and trousers also followed suit by tightening the fit around his new more feminine build. Michelle heard a slight groan that showed that she had changed completely. Edwina shifted in her seat, crossing her legs. Her personality fits her new form perfectly.

It was then that her eyes were directed to Pat. You see, I'd swapped one of her rolos with another one of her modified rolos. The effects had just started. Her body had always seemed to have bulked up slightly. Although it wasn't noticeable straight away, her hair started to shorten until it got the point where the bun she'd had broken apart and her hair fell to show mid long curly hair which stopped at the necks.

Her face then became more angular until her face was that of late teenage boy. As her body gained a more muscly physique, her upper half clothes shifted to accommodate for her new figure. Michelle heard a quiet snap as the bra Pat was wearing broke and disappeared. Her lower half also shifted, but her skirt didn't seem to change, not even when Michelle heard the pop sound that proved that he was definably not fitting for one.

Patrick also seemed to be uncomfortable at this point, although he had more reason than Edwina did. Finally, the skirt realised that they needed to change and started to lengthen. As it lengthened, the two sides connected together and then split in the centre. It continued to lengthen until it they were fully trousers. Michelle smiled at her two newest works and went back to work.

When the bell went to signal lunch time, they all got up quickly and moved towards the doorway. Edwina looked at her and smiled, "Mikki," Michelle groaned, why could she have stopped calling me that? she noticed that Patrick had moved to where we were and grabbed Edwina by the waist. "Patrick and I are going out for lunch, so I'll see you in form, okay?"

She nodded to them as they walked away talking and kissing. Seems she'd done an even better job than she'd realised. Michelle watched them as they left the six form building and towards the school gates into town with the other boys and girls (sixth formers and year 11s were allowed out at lunch). It was amazing what this stuff can do, and no one even noticed.

But Michelle wasn't the only one watching them leave. A blond haired boy was standing next to her; she'd barely even noticed him appear next to her.

"That was quite something," He commented.

"Pardon?" Michelle asked.

"Changing both of them so perfectly without anyone noticing," he looked at her and smiled, "you're quite the experimenter aren't you?"

"How do you…?" she started in shock, who was he?

"I'm the same as you, my name's Nicolas Adams," he said, still grinning, "I had a feeling you didn't know about me."

"And why's that?" Instead of answering, he slipped his hand into her breast pocket and pulled out four rolos, then fiddled them around in his hand until he had one between his forefinger and thumb.

He winked at her, "Because you would have given me this if you did."
Well, it's that time of year again, the time of over pricing in cafes and restaurants. *sigh*, I don't have anything against Valentine's day on itself, it's just that it's far to comercal, and if you really love someone you should treat them the same every day, not just on one day with no meaning whatsoever. *rant over*

Anyway, I thought I might as well use my schools' quirks as a part of my story, and try out a female to male tg, they're not rare, but they are still less common that the inverse (probably because responces of that way round are much better). Also Enter stage Left Nicolas Adams, who is he...we'll find out soon ;).

...Do you love someone enough to give them your last rolo?

Michelle and co. :iconwri-artist:
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Deiser Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
Interesting take on valentines, but it gets confusing in the middle because you inexplicably switch to first-person mode for the transformation portion. Also, I'm not sure what "in form" means in this case.

Aside from that, it's a good story.
Wri-artist Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
There, changed it. I natrally go into first perspective when I get into a story. I'd remembered the 'I's, but I'd forgoten the 'me's and 'my's. Oh and Form is a uk education term for a class or year (e.g. sixth form). In that context I meant afternoon registration. Hope that clears everything up.
Deiser Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
Thanks for the clarification!
Wri-artist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
*sigh* I always do that, always swap to first perspective when I don't mean to. Thanks though.
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